The Good, The Bad and The Grappling.

*jumps out of box* HALLELOO LADIES!

Back once again with a little write-up/rant for you. This is all total early morning word vomit. Thank you if you checked out my post from the other day. Your feedback and support means the WORLD to me. I cannot believe I’ve had 1000 on it already! I’ve already had more people reach out to me with their stories and as much as it fucking pains me that people I care about have been assaulted, I’m glad this little article had an impact enough for people to seek help and advice. If you haven’t I suggest you do as this post will make a lot more sense! Chapter 2: Me Too.

Sunday’s events sees a particular wrestler and trainer have his barely legal relationship with a trainee exposed and today’s events see rape allegations towards a certain WWE champion (please bare in mind due to legal reasons so far I cannot name some name’s on this blog). I wish I could say this is a shock; but it’s not. Since the beginning of this year so many names and allegations have come to light, some which I had previously been warned about, some brand new. My main concern here is why the fuck are so people with a position of power not using it positively?

I don’t even know where to start with this. There’s way too much I wanna get off my chest. Let’s go way back to the start. I think the only real criminal I can think of that I knew about when I first started watching wrestling was Chris Benoit, which I suppose is a whole different kettle of fish because he never lived to see the hand of justice? Obviously that doesn’t take away from the seriousness of the situation. I later found out about charges brought against all time fan favourite Steve Austin – heartbreaking but I just cannot support a repeat offender like that. There’s a few others that come to mind but Stone Cold is the main one as he was never dropped by the company for his crimes. Why have young impressionable children and fans been allowed to worship a man who laid hands on his partner/s? A WWE superstar was recently suspended when he was arrested for battery of his partner so what’s so different about Steve? I know things were different in the past but now WWE won’t even hire someone who has a criminal record so why continue to have ties with Austin? The fucker’s just come out on Raw to thunderous cheers and all I can think about is how his victims feel. I believe that people can change but repeat offenders? Not today Satan. It’s like saying “let’s have this huge museum exhibition full of artwork from the past 25 years but let’s have Rolf Harris’s work included”. Just doesn’t float with me.

January 2017 I attended my first proper grown up indie show (let’s not talk  about Butlins it doesn’t count) and quickly I was receiving all this “gossip” or so I thought. It kinda started off as “oh so in so slept with so in so” so I never took it seriously.  Ya know like other people’s private lives are none of my business. But in the summer shit started getting pretty serious. I was targeted by a wrestler and with that happening it came out I wasn’t the only one and he’d done the same to other gals and made some really shite comments about rape and domestic abuse. When I did speak to a friend about it I was given “oh he’s going through a lot at the moment he’s got depression” – yo I have mental health issues and whilst I’m not perfect, I’m sure as hell not being a creep and borderline harassing impressionable people. Again, I cannot say names as this person has not been found guilty in a court of law, HOWEVER this brings me onto my next point. Just because someone has not been convicted of a crime DOES NOT mean the crime never happened. Like I mentioned in my Me Too post my rapist was never convicted due to lack of evidence and these fuckers are so clever to avoid said evidence. They’ll say and do things in person when no ones around, they’ll use Snapchat where their dirty unsolicited pictures vanish after 10 seconds, they’ll find a target who’s shut off and in a position where they cannot speak up – they’re not all that dumb. There are so many trainees that can’t say anything because their abuser is their trainer. There are still no mandatory criminal checks on training schools. Fed up of hearing this “go to the police” shit – victims may be scared of it happening again; scared of it affecting their family, their friends, their work colleagues. Victims may feel they won’t be believed; that they don’t have enough evidence, that they’ll be victim blamed, slut shamed and looked down upon. Something like only 1/3 of sex and D.V. crimes are actually reported so fuck off thinking the police can solve everything because they are not miracle makers, they can only do so much. I was actually told to report to police by a wrestling promotion when I messaged them about a rapist attending shows in 2017. We need to break this whole police stigma.

Right where were we? So at some point after this incident with me I kept hearing all this shit about nonces within wrestling and more domestic abuse. There was a guy that’s come back into the public eye recently for raping and grooming his students – again when I looked into it I was told there was a police investigation but lack of evidence and it just wasn’t my place to go nosing into a young girl’s business at the time. It’s genuinely shit that companies say they care about the fans but have fans stay at home and go hide outside or in the toilets because they keep booking noncey dickheads. I was told other things but I could only report so much as I will ALWAYS respect the victim and their choices. There was an issue around October where a guy who had always been creepy to me and my pals publicly tweeted that he had raped people. I emailed several companies about the fact he gave me panic attacks and had affected others and made a good 50% of other people in that room uncomfortable and what shit do I get back? “He hasn’t attended a show in over a year” (this is untrue – someone else must have bought his tickets, there is evidence) “We cannot take any action” “We’re just sorry you feel like this”. And you know fucking what? The only British Wrestling promotion that’s spoken up on all these allegations is IPW and fair fucking play to them. SO much respect. Every other’s stayed silent and why? Got something to hide? There is no real excuse for a brief vague public statement on a company page. None. Especially if you are hiring people that these allegations are against. Also shout out to my fucking fave Zack Sabre JR; probably the biggest person to tweet out on this. I was so blessed to meet him Sunday and give him a hug and say thank you. In the small chance you see this Zack; I am sorry for being a huge drunk poo but every thing you said to me meant the absolute fucking world. Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration to me. We’ll beat the Tories next time I promise. I think everyone in a position of power should take a leaf out of their books and if you think something is wrong and/or you can do something to help, stand up and speak out! I am aware other wrestlers have spoken out and I fucking appreciate that so much. They are the good in the world.

Sober, obviously. Two lovely, lovely, lovely members of the Labour Party.

So what would I like to see change within wrestling?

  • All wrestling schools/trainers to have full background checks, insurance and certification
  • Wrestling companies to have some sort of policy in place so if people are affected by an offender at a show they have someone specifically to go to and somewhere specifically safe to be
  • Wrestling companies to put out statements on this whole Brit Wres Yewtree mess
  • Wrestlers to stop taking bookings with noncey promoters – your morals are more important than one payment of £50
  • Fans to have a reliable support group to turn to with issues, possibly away from the police
  • Wrestling companies to suspend bookings for talent with convictions/allegations
  • Female fans being called rats – as long as the sex is consensual and safe WHO CARES? Plus it’s just such a derogatory word
  • Wrestlers to speak up and use their positions of power better – I understand things need to be said professionally but some are the ones brushing this under the carpet
  • Convicted offenders of sexual abuse and domestic abuse crimes to be banned from shows
  • People in positions of power to support victims and not accuse them of lying on a public platform to tens of thousands of people

Bloody hell I’m tired. Look, I’m not perfect but I’ve got a sense of awareness and I believe I am a good person deep down. I want to make these changes but I can’t do this on my own, SO WHO’S WITH ME?! Let’s change the world! For some reason not a lot of people in power have not had the metaphorical balls to speak to me. Someone suggested to me “they’re scared” – mate I’m a 5 ft something chick and I’m not in shape. I’m the least scariest person ever; the only reason you have to be scared is if you’ve done something wrong…

A wise group of people once said “We’re all in this together, once we know that we are, we’re all stars”. (Oh my god yasss guys you should totally let me know what your fave musicals are, on here or on my socials. Love a good corny musical. I was still so gutted to find out they dubbed Efron’s voice in the first movie. Heartbroken, in fact.)

Love, Em/Dizz x

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