Dizz reviews Idle Ross

Ello ello!

Been a while hasn’t it? Missed me? Thought so. You’ll get a better explanation of my absence in the next blog post, soz my darlings. ANYHOW here’s a wee new thing for you. Part of what I wanted to do for this blog is review up and coming indie bands and brands so here we go!

We’re starting off with Idle Ross, a four piece band from Sheffield consisting of Ross, Spen, Charlie and Joel. The boys formed in September 2017. Charlie and Ross met through school whilst Joel and Spen have been in bands together before. Ross and Joel met at a Courteeners gig (good choice imo) and they have all been rehearsing together since. They’ve got a good live following which has been growing and growing and hope to continue growing their audience by gigging every weekend in different cities and venues.

Their debut single “Into the Thick of It” was recorded at 2Fly Studios, which in the past has been used by the likes of Pulp, Milburn and Arctic Monkeys. Pretty cool if you ask me. They recorded it with former Reverend & The Makers’s guitarist Dave Sanderson before it was mastered by the world-renowned Pete Maher. Pete has worked with Noel Gallagher, U2, Jack White and The Rolling Stones, so if that hasn’t convinced you enough so far, I’ll try harder.


The single has an absolutely cracking intro, very reminiscent of something off of “AM”. I really enjoy the style Ross’s vocals are and the synth over the top and the echos of the chorus really add to the feel of this being a classic indie rock record. The outro consists of some real funky riffs, something you can definitely bang your head to. It even reminds me a little of The Black Keys or Queens of the Stone Age, even a little Royal Blood or Cage the Elephant. Actually to be honest the guitars the whole way through are F L A W L E S S. Ross says they are doing everything from scratch with no management or money; and this just blows me away as for a debut the quality is so high and so well recorded. Their gigs are known for an electric atmosphere and mosh pits and now I’m even more interested to go. I actually enjoyed this way more than I thought I would to the point it’s now on my iTunes. Now I’m no music expert, but there are three important seals of approval I have:

  • Would I like to hear more? Yes
  • Would I see them live? Yes
  • Would I have a boogie to this at indie club night Propaganda? Hell yes!

If you are interested in hearing more, the single is out Friday 6th April 2018. Don’t forget to check out Idle Ross’s Twitter and Soundcloud. I hope yall enjoyed something a little different from me, let me know what you guys think!

Love, Em/Dizz x


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