Here’s a wee page I’ve put together of charities/services that can help you in regards to mental health issues and sexual assault. This’ll be constantly updated as I do more research and have my allies from across the globe help me out. If there’s a service you can suggest I’d love to hear about it – just pop me a message and I’ll credit your socials down below! 🙂 ♥♥

Bristol, UK

  • Missing Link/Next Link – support for female survivors of domestic abuse/sexual assault/rape. I personally recommend them. Very anxious little me went to a support group there (I don’t do socialising) but I came away so much more educated and with a group of new pals! You also can get allocated a support worker.
  • The Sanctuary – a safe place for those struggling with their mental health, open evenings/nights, offers lots of different therapies.
  • Bristol Men’s Crisis House – a safe place for males with mental health issues, admission available for up to a month, again lots of different therapies available.
  • Womankind – again another one I recommend! One on one and group counselling available for females affected by depression/domestic/sexual abuse.
  • Bristol Wellbeing Therapies – offers a range of therapies and courses to help with depression/anxiety/stress and the things related to it.
  • The Greenhouse – counselling for those affected by sexual abuse/rape.
  • SARSAS – helpline, online support, group work and counselling for those affected by sexual abuse/rape/trafficking and their families/friends. Definitely recommend this one!
  • The Bridge – medical care and counselling for those affected by rape and sexual assault. I recommend these guys but a definite plus is that they have hot drinks and  fish tanks. FISH TANKS!
  • Off The Record – one to one and group counselling, help with self harm and stress/anxiety – another one I recommend!
  • Kinergy – counselling and group work for males and females affected by sexual abuse/rape
  • Bernardo’s BASE – one on one support for people up to the age of 25 who are affected by sexual exploitation
  • Southmead Project – therapy and practical support for adults who were abused as children and have turned to drugs, alcohol and other ways of self harming
  • Connect Psychology – C.B.T for those with anger/anxiety/depression/OCD/low mood
  • GanWest – individual and group counselling and C.B.T for those suffering from anxiety/PTSD/depression/OCD/bereavement
  • Second Step – housing, rehab and support for those with addiction, mental health, learning and health difficulties
  • Nilaari – support and therapy for black, asian and ethnic minorities suffering with mental health issues and substance abuse
  • Oasis-Talk – counselling, C.B.T and workshops for those with depression, anxiety and stress
  • Relate Avon – relationship and family counselling
  • BAVA – information and resources in Bristol of all types of violence/abuse for all genders
  • Changes Bristol – support groups for those with mental health issues
  • SISH Bristol  – support groups for those who self harm

United Kingdom

  • TESS – text and email support for females affected by self harm
  • Mental Health Matters – talking therapies and housing and employment support
  • The Hide Out – information and support revolving around domestic abuse for children and young people