Dizz reviews Idle Ross

Ello ello! Been a while hasn’t it? Missed me? Thought so. You’ll get a better explanation of my absence in the next blog post, soz my darlings. ANYHOW here’s a wee new thing for you. Part of what I wanted to do for this blog is review up and coming indie bands and brands so here […]

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To Him; Part 1.

*scoots in* AYO SIS! Hello you lot. I’m baaaaaaack! I’ve started a few blogs off the past week or so but I haven’t had the metaphorical balls to post them because I don’t want everyone to think I live in misery. So here’s the first. It’s different to the rest of my posts because it’s something […]

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Chapter 4: Taking the Mask Off

Ite lads! Cheers for the 90% positive reaction to my last post. Means the bloody world. The 10% negative reaction comes from insecure people and promotions that continue to book offenders and second-rate Adam Blampieds, so to be fair I’d be mad if some little ginger gal could expose my business too. I wish I knew […]

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Chapter 2: Me Too.

Alright lads it’s me again. I’m sat here and it’s my 21st birthday, wahoo! Genuinely quite shocked I’ve been breathing this long. I’ve faced a lot of ups and downs in my life and well I’m here to tell you about a real big down. It’s the first time I’ve ever addressed this publicly in […]

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